Who wants money?

Well, if you are’re start up company with ambitions, probably everyone.

Wednesday night I attended the event Patways to exit, arranged by White bull, hosted by the law firm Bird&Bird in Stockholm. Around 70 people gathered to listen to a panel of top notch investors. I went there hoping to meet old friends and with the ambition to meet new people who could be of some use for my business in some way. Learning more about VC and finding an investor was further down on the list.

Do female entrepreneurs want capital as much as their male counterparts?

I was happily surprised to find that the panel discussion gave me alot of new knowledge. I can easily say that this was the best such event, perhaps ever.  It was conducted in a humble and sometimes funny way, with lots of expertise and knowledge presented. Five companies were invited to give a short pitch, they were all interesting. A bit of work on the presentation skills wouldn´t hurt though.

The audience, mostly entrepreneurs, seemed as happy as I was with the constant flow of information and case presentations. Strangely enough, I was the only female entrepreneur in the whole audience.

We all know that here aren’t a whole lot of women in this technical line of business, but there are certainly more than just me. It´s sad, strange and somewhat provocative . Do the women find their money in elsewhere? If that is the case, there is no need to take this further. I have a feeling however that that´s not the case.

Before anyone suggests that I´m looking for a gender discussion I can assure you that my thoughts concern business. I´m convinced that almost every industry produces better products and services if the people behind represent a diversity of people. This is particularly important in the digital/mobile industry where we will lose out big if we don´t our things together.

I spoke to some of the investors at the event and also some investors I know from before. All of them said that it would be better if the the entrepreneur crowd would be mixed in a better way.

So why is it like this and can it be changed?

They weren´t invited. They don´t feel comfortable with the event setups with pitching. They don´t know the events exist
Are there any female investor, and it they showed their faces more, would it make a difference? Do the event makers (in Sweden) know about Rättviseförmedlingen? (Both investors and atendees could probably be found.) Why not take the VC events to places and events where there are women alreday?

I want to see a change, but I´m kind of clueless…